Centrotrade Deutschland GmbH

CENTROTRADE DEUTSCHLAND GMBH controls the group’s entire Rubber, Latex, REVERTEX® and VYTEX® operation, taking advantage of the longtime experience of its employees. With the cooperation of the Centrotrade Rubber USA subsidiary, technical support is provided to customers. Subsidiaries and local agencies take care of our world-wide distribution network. A wide range of products is imported to customers’ needs and is also available for prompt delivery from several storage facilities. In addition to the traditional sources from the Far East, we offer a variety of rubbers from other origins.

CENTROTRADE MINERALS & METALS, Inc. dba Centrotrade Rubber USA, Inc. handles Rubber, Latex, REVERTEX®, VYTEX® and Chemicals throughout North America. With headquarters in Chesapeake, VA and representation in Akron, OH, Greensville, SC and Little Silver, NJ it counts on many years of polymer expertise. It also provides technical support for The Group, which in most cases is freely available to its customers worldwide, and is concentrated in Chesapeake and South Carolina.

CENTROTRADE SINGAPORE PTE LTD is strategically located in the world’s largest rubber growing area. Close ties to the producers and locally-based Major Tyre Makers guarantee a high level of information for the group. With the support of representatives and agents in the producing countries, it ensures a trouble-free performance in the sourcing of Rubber, customers in the Asia-Pacific area also being served from here.

Centrotrade Commodities Malaysia Sdn Bhd is responsible for Natural Rubber and Latex distribution throughout Asia. The expertise of the management and staff enables it to be an important player in the distribution of Natural Rubber and Latex as well as a valuable interface between origin producers and manufacturers at destination, offering guaranteed quality and reliable delivery.

Due to the company’s presence in the main natural rubber growing area, it’s able to audit the producers on a regular basis and to develop together with customers and suppliers tailor-made products that allow it to secure long-term partnerships. Additionally, it’s able to provide logistic solutions.

As a key member of the Malaysia Rubber Board since 1978, represented in all key Committees such as Price Advisory Panel, the Arbitration Panel as well as the Industry Discipline committee of the Malaysia Rubber Exchange amongst others, the company is well recognized as a reliable partner by all parties involved.


Over the past 20 years there’s been a fundamental shift in the way rubber is traded. We’ve moved from a single commodity at point of origin to a sophisticated raw material which requires special handling from tree to the finished-goods manufacturing plant. Our technical expertise enables us to advise both processor and receiver on ways to tailor-fit or adjust the material to benefit costs.

Where we are represented by local agents, price and offer inquiries should be channelled through their offices. Shipping, administration, technical and other inquiry is welcomed on a direct basis.